long distance plans

Unlimited long distance across Quebec, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. No additional fees.

Unique offer. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Clubtel’s long distance calling package applies on long distance calls from your home phone land line, your cell phone, anywhere in the province, and more! Your family in Quebec can call you using your free subscription. No additional cost.

clubtel only 10$ per month clubtel : Unique offer. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Clubtel : Save! Subscribe now at 1-866-638-2355. No activation or network fee. No contact to sign.

Clubtel phone service

Founded in 1992, Clubtel is a telephone service providing you with substantial savings on long distance calls.

Our long distance plan is highly competitive because we negotiated a wholesale price for you! We buy airtime and offer it our customers. This is what allows us to offer you a service without limits.

Clubtel long distance plan subscription

No contracts to sign.
Compatible with all phone providers.
Cancellation of the Service Agreement at any
   time, without charge.
No subscription required, unlike other

To activate your subscription,
call 1.866.638.2355.

Make interurban calls with clubtel

1. Select the access number for the city that you
    are calling from.

2. Enter your access code. Do not press the "1";
    it does not apply with Clubtel.

3. Dial the phone number of the person you are
    trying to reach.

Need help? 1.866.638.2355

List of access numbers (PDF)